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Behind PDUshopd.nl stand the company E&T Ltd. A solid company with 65 years of experience in the international B2B branch. Our colleagues are experts and have one goal in common. Provide and deliver our customers top quality products and excellent service for an affordable price and we will make sure that you are satisfied. With the power cord web shop we provide a clear view of the PDU's and powercords we offer, that can be used worldwide. Through our navigation system you are able to select the correct filters, on Power consumption, number of outlets, Voltage, Amperes and many more, so you can easily find the right product. You are able to order 24/7 every day of the week. PDUshop.nl is there for you.


  •        Quality products
  •        Excellent customer service
  •        Wide spread assortment


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Behind powercord.nl there are designers and manufacturers who operate worldwide and work hard everyday to realize innovation and improvements. Powercord.nl is focused on mission critical applications, where the continuity and the power supply are essential. The products that Powercord.nl offers are used by international big data centers, network operating centers, emergency centers and in other big IT companies. Powercord.nl, when you want to stay connected.