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Amperage 32A
Form Factor 0U
Outlet switching Ja
Inlet Metering Ja
Outlet Metering Ja
Aantal outlets 24
Aantal C13 12
Aantal C19 12
Aantal fasen 3
Input plug IEC 60309 32A 3PY
Cord locking op PDU Nee

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Outlet Metered and Outlet Switched iPDU: 3-Phase Wye, 400V AC, 32A, 24 Outlets: 12x IEC C13, 12x IEC C19, Plug: IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+PE, 22.2kVA, Zero U Vertical, Replaceable Controller with LCD Display, Ethernet, Serial, 2x USB-A, USB-B and Sensor Connections